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Friday, May 27, 2005

An Idea out of SDA

An Idea out of SDA May 27th 2005


So Average Conservative has us both with, 'Look for blogs to have a huge effect on next election' A germ of an idea.

You mention stapling some pertinent blog pages together and leaving them in Doctor/Dentist offices. Right out of my own thinking. Shower the country with Western Standard magazines.

The real tool for effectiveness is FOCUS. Even the MSM with all it's power fails to capitalize on the power of focus.

These musings are the germ of an excellent approach and with focus, could be truely effective.

First choose a priority. One that would help everyone and be easy to agree to. Say Whistle-Blower Law with neutrality and great penalty. The thrust is to FOCUS on enacting law to get one thing done.

Bloggers united could swing that.

Priority two; [Paul White Idea], Individual Ministry Account & Audit. This was actually promised by Paul Martin himself, during the CBCTV Grovel speech. However, as you know it takes a blizzard of postmail and email pointedly (focused), demanding the same thing for the government to enact that thing.

If the MSM were to provide little contact info bars at the end of articles, people would likely write demands of government in the heat of the moment. A dormant power.

More papers in the states are doing just that now.

So what do you think? Champion a cause that saves us our National Wealth.

PDFs from Johnwilliams.ca/wastereport.htm and provide the suggested cure. 'The Demand' with the correct house of commons addresses to hit.

If numbers are large and the demand focused
then votes, being larger than money, will lead to enactment of legislation.

We talk about everything. Let's do something about something.



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