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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Picture Clean Energy

Power Grid is Obsolete

Winter  in  December...
Sixteen degrees?? If global warming is to be tamed then governments must provide a picture of a goal we can all focus on. Do you know what that future looks like? Nor do I. Thus the impossible goal.

I suggest energy cells or converters like Bloom boxes in every back yard. Big corporations including Volkswagon are working on these devices. Google and Microsft use them today.

This results in no coal burning power plants. No power lines for trees and storms to disrupt. No expensive and sabotage prone grid to worry about.

Independent power cells make our communications even more reliable than the internet is today. Dams take up valuable farm land. Not to mention how distribution is extremely expensive and prone to big losses in transmission, wages and renewal upkeep.

Power Lines can not be made secure from the ever present ' mad bomber '. Wish we had a solid picture of our clean energy goal for the future.

Then we could all work together to realize that ideal clean power system. Today, we the public and our governments have no concept or goal to work forward to. How silly is that for modern intelligent human beings?


Monday, January 30, 2012

Pipelines for tarsands crude oil, True folly.

Alberta  wants  to  ship  it  out  so  as  to  avoid  enviro  costs  in  refining.  Alberta  has  everything  to  gain  and  nothing  to  lose.  For  a  quick  easy  profit,  that  is.

The  proposed   tar sands  line  to  Kitamat  BC will  certainly  result  in  a  spill  and  ruination  of  seafoods  we  all rely on, however  a  massive  spill  off  the  coast  of  China  is  that  much  more  likely.    How  ethical  is  shipping  out  toxic  wastes  to  unreliable  refiners  in  China?

Toxic  wastes  in  Alberta  crude  shipped  to  China  will  not  likely  get  the  careful  treatment  we  provide  in  Canada.  A  massive  crude  oil  spill  along  China  coastlines  will  ruin  the  lives  of  millions  who  depend  on  fish  and  sea life  What  kind  of  backlash  could  we  expect  from   the  enraged  populations  in  China  who  depend  on  healthy  seas  for  their  way  of  life?

The  two  proposed  pipelines  from  Alberta  to  Texas  and  to  Kitamat  cost  more  than  a  new  refinery  in  Alberta.  Why  is  Alberta  so  bent  upon  shipping   out  raw  product  rather  than  processed  value-added  product  that  provides  400%  more  return  of  wealth  to  the  province?

Experts  declare  that  a  pipeline  to  the  BC  coast  is  a  technical   safety  risk.  Why  is  the  proposed  route  through  swamp  and  lake  wilderness.   Would  it  be  because  spills  would  be  out  of  sight  of  the  public?    If  the  pipeline  were  to  follow  the  Prince George  to  Rupert..[Skeena?] highway  any  spill  could  be  spotted  and  accessed  quickly via  the  highway  for  repair.  Silly  questions?

Some  of  the   questions  above  arise  after  listening  to  an  expert   investigative  reporter  who  complains  that  his  questions  are  stonewalled  by  everyone  in  Government  and  the oil business.
He  was  discussing  the  frustration  with  an  interviewer  on  CBC  radio  January 30th, 2012.

He  also  raised  surprising  questions  about  the China's massive  control  and  ownership  of  Canada's  oil infrastructure  and  the  secrecy  of  Cinopec.   That  is  a  whole  new  can  of  worms  that  the  Canadian  public  seems  unaware  of.     One  wonders  at  how  China  has  gained  the  leverage  to  completely  cause  the  Harper  government  to  do  a   180  degree  about  face  on  matters  of  control  and  foreign  ownership.

I  read  and   follow  the  media  and  wonder  why  so  many  important  questions  are  not  asked  or  debated.   Seems  all  black  and  white.  Two  oil  pipelines  are  to  be  built  or  not  built.  There  are  no  discussions  of any  alternate possible  plans. Why?  Refining  and  shipping  value-added  product  is  a  perfectly  viable  option...and  it  is  also  preferred.  Peter Lougheed  thinks so.  As  a  recent Premier, he  is  certainly  loyal  to  Alberta.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

BP Oil Spill Sad but a Boost to EVs

The BP oil spill is a major blow to the rich wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico and a true disaster. The only possible bright side to this is that it will be a boost for Electric Vehicles and other energy sources like bloomboxes and fuel cells.
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Big firms like Fedex, Google, Walmart  Ebay are already using Bloomboxes on their property. They don't have to worry about downed power lines any more.


A recent investor's news letter sees this power trend coming. Here is a little copy from their newsletter.....


The "Smart Grid" is NOT the BIG Story.
To see how much energy pundits don’t know, just watch how many times they bring up the "smart grid," or the "energy internet."

That’s all the pundits talk about, because that’s all the power companies want you to know about.
Their futures depend on our 100-year old system of centralized power.
A switch to localized power generation would destroy them, and even they know it!

In fact, asked confidentially about their prospects, one in seven utility industry professionals expect their industry to disappear by 2050.
It’s no wonder they feel that way.

In the next 20 years alone the world will need about 75% more electricity. In the next 50 years we’ll need 350% more.
NENE's motion power technology could help solve that problem.
Our electric grid is already maxed out and ready to fail at any minute.

Duke Energy, PG&E, SoCalEd and all the other power industry companies are heavily invested in those huge and crumbling power plants and their 10,000 miles of transmission lines.

And making the grid "smart" is just a band-aid.
They’re not about to make room for new technologies like New Energy Technologies.

We can all look forward to local power and most importantly, no downed power lines. In fact no power lines at all!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

UK Reva Electric Car co. [G-Wiz] Award Winner

**LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The 2008 Frost & Sullivan European Automotive Powertrain Company of the Year Award is presented to Reva Electric Car Company (RECC) for demonstrating excellence in sales volumes, superior market penetration and high levels of customer satisfaction within the electric vehicle (EV) industry. In 2007, on average one REVA electric car was sold per day in the United Kingdom.

RECC is the world's best selling developer and manufacturer of electric cars and a pioneer of EV technologies. It is the first company to break through the price-performance barrier with an EV, the first to successfully commercialise EVs and, the first to volume sell EVs with AC motor drives.

**Technology leadership has enabled RECC to break the price-performance barrier and consistently develop and commercialise new mobility solutions,** notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Anjan Hemanth Kumar. **In 2007, RECC achieved milestones in terms of battery and electric motor technology.**

Research and development on lithium ion batteries reached new heights when RECC successfully tested and evaluated lithium ion batteries for the REVA quadricycle. The newly developed lithium ion batteries provide a driving range of more than 140 kilometers compared to 60-80 km from the existing lead acid battery pack.

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= TG

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Oil Gas & diesel prices flying higher

Can the CRUNCH be far off??

Another twist to our dubious affair with gasoline. . .

Mexican crude oil supplies to U.S. to be cut back by 184,000 bpd

** Pemex PMI Comercio Internacional, has some bad news for U.S. oil consumers. Mexico will be sending America less oil this year - to the tune of 184,000 barrels per day.

The cuts will continue for at least the next two years because production of crude in Mexico has been falling. **

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

GM Volt E-flex test lithium-ion from A123Systems and LG Chem

Big news out of General Motors, where Vice Chairman Bob Lutz says engineers have started road-testing Chevrolet Volt test mules with lithium-ion batteries and the company has "growing confidence" the car will be in showrooms before the end of 2010.

Maximum Bob let the battery tidbit slip during an interview with the Detroit News where he told automotive editor Manny Lopez, "We've got the first car running (with lithium-ion batteries) ... and what the guys get on 'sightings' is a picture of an old Malibu with black wheels and a very long extension cord."

We're not sure what he meant by the sightings crack but figure it must be reference to the excitement generated by spy-shots that supposedly showed a Volt test mule testing the E-Flex battery-electric powertrain. GM tells us those pictures, snapped by a photographer for Brenda Priddy and Company, actually showed a chassis development mule.

We've known for awhile that GM is testing lithium-ion battery packs from LG Chem and A123Systems and has put some E-Flex drivetrain components in test mules, but this is the first report that the engineers have li-ion batteries in a road-going car (even if it is a three-year-old Malibu). GM spokesman Robert Peterson said he couldn't comment on the batteries, so we'll take Maximum Bob at his word.

Lutz is cracking the whip hard to get the Volt built by 2010, and CEO Rick Wagoner told reporters at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition that GM will go "down to the wire" meeting that deadline. Still, Lutz told the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) GM should begin production of the Volt by November, 2010. He says the Volt has a "pretty good shot of getting over 100 mpg" but GM doesn't plan to use the E-Flex powertrain technology in a compact car, although it could be placed in a "small pickup truck" if tightening fuel economy rules require it.

Lutz also dropped this bomb in the Detroit News interview, and it's sure to hack off EV 1 fanatics:

"The only things that were wrong with the EV1 (GM's first electric car) was that it was way too expensive to make; it was only a two-passenger; and the battery technology was not ready," Lutz said. "It was a noble effort, but it was a technological force job and at a time when nobody cared. We could not find more than 800 buyers for that thing no matter how hard we tried or no matter how much we dropped the price. Finally we had to lease them out."

Let the flaming begin.


Thanks to Lyle Dennis, editor of GM-Volt.com, for the pic he snapped of the Volt test mule. He's got more pictures and details

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Canada US Dollar inflation loss closing fast?

Meet Honda *Insight*. THE top efficiency car you can*t find or buy used.

Another twist to our dubious affair with gasoline. . .

Mexican crude oil supplies to U.S. to be cut back by 184,000 bpd

** Pemex PMI Comercio Internacional, has some bad news for U.S. oil consumers. Mexico will be sending America less oil this year - to the tune of 184,000 barrels per day. The cuts will continue for at least the next two years because production of crude in Mexico has been falling. **

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As fuel costs rise, so too do foods and everything else. Time for an Electric Car, EV, and a back garden.
= TG

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

2500 Euros for no gas vehicle and $299 for laptop

Things are looking up for us ** Poor Boys**

To go along with the new modern Asustek laptop bargain at $299,


you will soon be able to buy a car that uses no gas or diesel for 2,500 Euros.

There is a BBC video waiting for you at:

French designed, India made at Tata Motors and a new plant going up in Melbourn Au.

Soon, a car and a great laptop for 9K. = TG

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

GM CEO Bob Lutz and $3000 China Patag

I lifted this image from Part 2 [youtube video], of GM CEO Bob Lutz and his talk to the GM troops about new trends and new models.

GM is heavily invested in China and this set of wheels sells for about $3K.


That*s what you will hear Lutz say in the video. He also says the designers in China have caught up and the example he shows proves he is correct. He says he is glad GM is part of the China output.

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MiniCooper lithium 65k hybrid on Sams cover

A fun set of wheels for the ** Cashed up Greenies ** trend setters.

Click on the Photo once and get a full sized view.=TG

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

EVs in Canada - red tape -CBC News

Exxon, Chevron and Alberta Govt. lobbies don*t hate the Electric Car, do they?

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