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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Picture Clean Energy

Power Grid is Obsolete

Winter  in  December...
Sixteen degrees?? If global warming is to be tamed then governments must provide a picture of a goal we can all focus on. Do you know what that future looks like? Nor do I. Thus the impossible goal.

I suggest energy cells or converters like Bloom boxes in every back yard. Big corporations including Volkswagon are working on these devices. Google and Microsft use them today.

This results in no coal burning power plants. No power lines for trees and storms to disrupt. No expensive and sabotage prone grid to worry about.

Independent power cells make our communications even more reliable than the internet is today. Dams take up valuable farm land. Not to mention how distribution is extremely expensive and prone to big losses in transmission, wages and renewal upkeep.

Power Lines can not be made secure from the ever present ' mad bomber '. Wish we had a solid picture of our clean energy goal for the future.

Then we could all work together to realize that ideal clean power system. Today, we the public and our governments have no concept or goal to work forward to. How silly is that for modern intelligent human beings?


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