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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Very Easy to do and It's Free

Opinion Power and Fun for Free!

Blogs give you inside news, allow you to exchange views with others, gives you a place to post your essays and or opinions
on your own Blogsite. It’s a delight, and it’s free of charge!

You may be consumed for the first month. You may forget all about television for some time. You will be absorbed.

Here are a few random *Posts*;

Adscam is only one of dozens of Liberal Party Scandals. Remember HRDC? Remember $4.6 million in missing D.N.D.
Computers. You can wallow in Liberal waste at www.JohnWilliams.ca/waste report.htm [Surprise!]

[You are welcome to a free blogsite at Blogger.com]
It’s so easy, you may not believe it.

Many wonder why Canadians are doing almost nothing about the on-going diversion and theft of Hundreds of millions of Canada’s revenues by the Chretien and now Martin Government. As CBC Television, Radio and other networks are dependant on Liberal Government advertising dollars, they are hesitant about loudly announcing Liberal criminal wrongdoings.

Even though Paul Martin’s Government agreed to Billions of dollars of spending to buy votes from the NDP to beat Non-confidence motions, and that spending is totally lacking house of commons debate, the Governor General fails to carry out her sworn duty to dissolve the house for an election.

These Blogsites will give you the insight that television can not.

SmallDeadAnimals DustMyBroom AngryInTheGreatWhiteNorth
BeingAmericanInTo LondonFog LetItBleed
BendGovernment.blogspot.com AndrewCoyne

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Love it!

Quebec citizenry not quite so gullible now. Thank heaven.

I always wondered how my part of the Saint Lawrence Seaway was going to be refunded back to me here on Vancouver Island. My part of Quebec hydro too.

I didn't think the Americans would allow the refund of any National assets in Quebec. Hydro Quebec [Labrador], and the Seaway are their Eastern seaboard lifeblood.

The CIA would have assignments galore to deal with in Quebec.

I am from Ville St. Pierre / Montreal West and I know the mixed folks, French and others are friendly, good natured, and every inch Canadian.

As usual the rascals in the wheel- house are the ambitious problem, and want to jump from canal- pilot to ocean captain status overnight.

My friends in Quebec have a great sense of humour, but also a love of red tape.

Borders between Ontario and Newbrunswick would be real friction zones. Travelers would be red in the face as they worked through paper work , paid duties and fees, while guards quipped jokes and chuckled.

What a happy relief that separatism has cooled in Quebec.

Now we have to treat Alberta with consideration and respect.

Many Albertans are madder than a stampede bull with a too tight strap.

They have lots of reason to be mad as hell.
The Libscammers mismanagment of US diplomacy and the locked down border against live Alberta beef and the perception of being robbed by Ottawa.

Let's hope you can find good reasons for your list to keep Alberta Canadian.

73s TonyGuitar at BendGovernment.blogspot.com

See Barbara Kay at ProudToBeCanadian.ca No Separatism

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Canadian Federation Independant Business


To be honest and up front. I am not a member. I sold Trucking firms in Vancouver[2]. Now have two small interests here on Vancouver Island. Services.

Your power is to suggest to a group of like - minded persons, an action they could take to enact change and to re-start a crippled and hamstrung Canadian Government.

That action is to write the Governor General and demand she carry out her sworn duty.

Namely that when Canadian Government becomes clearly corrupt and hopelessly tangled in inter - party squabbles that should be argued in a court of law, not our house of commons, she is obligated to dissolve parliament and call an election.

The house is for the purpose of doing the business of Canada. Squabbles about recordings details are for the selfish push and pull benefit of the Liberal and CPC political clubs.
They can take those narrow selfish interests to Provincial court and pay their way towards solution.

The house of commons is not a free venue to sort out minor party spats. The meaning and the intent of the Grewal recordings are clear to Canadians.

The Liberals are guilty of entertaining bribes and vote rigging. Otherwise, instead of four hours of recordings there would have been forty seconds of tape containing the words, " No thank you, Mr. Grewal. The answer is a firm NO!"

Dubbing noises on the tapes amount to little more than the removal of foul language. The verdict is profoundly clear to any Canadian who has the time to think. Get this Liberal delaying tactic out of our house and allow the commons to get back to the business of Canada.

The Liberal Party are so desperate to hold onto power, they are allocating Billions of Canada's wealth for programs dictated by the NDP whose confidence votes the Liberals will do anything for.

The Governor can see this governing by blackmail and is now derelict in her sworn duty to dissolve parliament and call an election.

Her inaction, if it goes on any longer, may be seen as complicity with a corrupt Liberal power to thwart the laws of Canada.

This is still a free country. CFIB members are free to write the Governor General without fear of reprisal, to demand that she carry out her sworn duty before any more serious damage is inflicted upon Canada and Canadians.

Members look to CFIB leadership for timely and responsible expression of civic duty.

Sincerely, Anthony Robinson BendGovernment.blogspot.com [For Sample letter]

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