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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Very Easy to do and It's Free

Opinion Power and Fun for Free!

Blogs give you inside news, allow you to exchange views with others, gives you a place to post your essays and or opinions
on your own Blogsite. It’s a delight, and it’s free of charge!

You may be consumed for the first month. You may forget all about television for some time. You will be absorbed.

Here are a few random *Posts*;

Adscam is only one of dozens of Liberal Party Scandals. Remember HRDC? Remember $4.6 million in missing D.N.D.
Computers. You can wallow in Liberal waste at www.JohnWilliams.ca/waste report.htm [Surprise!]

[You are welcome to a free blogsite at Blogger.com]
It’s so easy, you may not believe it.

Many wonder why Canadians are doing almost nothing about the on-going diversion and theft of Hundreds of millions of Canada’s revenues by the Chretien and now Martin Government. As CBC Television, Radio and other networks are dependant on Liberal Government advertising dollars, they are hesitant about loudly announcing Liberal criminal wrongdoings.

Even though Paul Martin’s Government agreed to Billions of dollars of spending to buy votes from the NDP to beat Non-confidence motions, and that spending is totally lacking house of commons debate, the Governor General fails to carry out her sworn duty to dissolve the house for an election.

These Blogsites will give you the insight that television can not.

SmallDeadAnimals DustMyBroom AngryInTheGreatWhiteNorth
BeingAmericanInTo LondonFog LetItBleed
BendGovernment.blogspot.com AndrewCoyne


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