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Monday, May 30, 2005

Should'a gone to the polls

There is a long stri.. thread here. Everyone agrees that Alberta should separate.

I thought Albertans were tough. You want to throw in the towel on Canada because Ottawa and the Libs have been fleecing you for years?

Better think this one through. Canada will be on your borders and Ottawa could isolate and squeeze. The Alberta border, like most borders, may become your worst nightmare.

You don't mind looking at this side of the argument do you? Just for the sake of debate now. I'm on Vancouver Island, so leave the rifle in the closet.

This is a pretty venerable time for the Libs. It may be wiser to join forces and crush them at this opportune time and go for local aims, like separation later.

Recent research has shown that the action meter for Quebec separation is way down since Levesque's time. Citizens of Quebec are more worldly now. They were screwed over by the Catholic Church and I lived in Montreal during those times.

Many now see separation's big picture. The questions of the St. Lawrence Seaway, paid for by all of Canada, not just Quebec, and a lifeline for American commerce as well.

Sticky questions about other massive assets like Quebec and Labrador power. Paid for by all of Canada and the lifeblood of the Eastern U.S.A.

The French Quebec official is smooth, charming and often gifted with wit and great humour. As much as I do love these 'French Guys', they are human and have traits as we all do. One of those traits is a love for red tape, tariffs, delays, permits, favours and 'other arrangements'.

Borders around Quebec would have us tearing out our hair, would destroy 'cross Canada trucking, would isolate the Maritimes and give cause for the CIA to certify Hydro Power delivery and Great Lakes shipping security through Quebec.

Borders, borders, what a can of worms. Our one mutual border with the U.S. is enough for now. It does come in handy for detecting drug shippers and the odd terrorist, but the budget for it is wild for both Canada and the US.`

Speaking of budgets. Whistle-Blower law with real TEETH is required to protect our national revenues from being pilfered.
Allan Cutler blew the whistle on Guite over ten years ago. There was WB law of sorts, but it was a laugh. Cutler got sacked and we lost Millions for over ten years that otherwise may have been saved.

This kind of law secures our tax paid wealth regardless of who has power in the commons.

Martin promised individual Ministry and departmental Account and Audit System during his grovel speech on CBCTV. Paul's an expert on how to protect our wealth from theft. I was just lucky to be paying close attention at the time. Most listeners had glazed over by that time and missed it.`

These laws will go a long way to returning integrity to Government. They protect revenues as part of the system.

I was all for a snap election. We should have cleaned house in June. Ok it's not a popular choice, but we have to do it anyway and the cost is higher in the slush and snow. Fewer people get to vote too.

This delay is only allowing Federal grants by blackmail, so that's costing us far more than a prompt election ever would.

So shoot me if you must, you guys, but if Canada is eventually governed properly, and it may well be when laws to fortify ethics are in place, we should be better off.

After all this public revenue theft, there is bound to be a pendulum swing towards revenues safeguards and better ethics.

There is something to that 'united we stand divided we fall', saying too.

73s TonyGuitar


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