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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Misspell the name - Prevent Action

What?.. No Journalism?

So Reddon got a legal opinion that states no law is broken. As usual, the stuffy official misses the point.

The point is Journalism is a vastly worthwhile and a popular choice for students. Worthwhile, because it teaches good and concise communication. An essential requirement whether you end up a journalist or not.

Popular because with the maturing of blogdom, there is a growing number of self professed journalists and many have followings you would not believe.

When bloggers learn how to gather under one umbrella for a cause. They will be a force for positive change.

The MSM has not yet harnessed that power, but some Main Stream Media are now placing small info / follow-up bars at the end of articles that provide contact email and post addresses.

This allows motivated readers to make demands of authority while the motivation is strong and the iron is hot. ‘People Power’

No journalism? Please sir, remove the knots from thine knickers.

Respectfully, TonyGuitar

No, no, I don't profess to be a journalist. I don't see why exact spelling is all that important anyway. As long as the idea is clear. English grammer is a science I know little about. After reading Charles Dickens and Tales of Mariposa by Stephen Leacock, I thought the foundation was now adequate er suffi... solid.


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