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Saturday, May 28, 2005

More Focus

Focus - Email - Legislate

Very interesting, Full of intangibles and nuance.
Let's see if this 9th grade drop-out can get some of the Gist. Whereas we used to have these simple clubs, the Conservatives and the Liberals, known as the left and right. The Liberals used to spend too much money, so we turfed them and elected the Conservatives to get the books back in line. Now both clubs have muddied things by trying to cover the other's territory. The Liberals have developed Corporate conservative facets and the Conservatives promise not to be too Fraser institute like. Oh the confusion.

Here in British Columbia, Gordon's Liberals are really bottom line worshippers. More right than the Social Credit ever were. It's too bad because while I applaud getting accounts under control, being cruel to the poor and disabled is not smart politically and will come back with a nasty bite. I was quite surprised the NDP didn't lead this time. They did rebound from two members to thirty-four though. Close.

So nationally it may no longer be so important to elect a certain party as it will be to get legislation enacted that will return integrity to government. Legislation like Whistle-Blower Protection law that protect revenues from wholesale theft.

Individual Ministry and departmental Account and Audit control as our honest leader Paul promised in his CBCTV grovel speech. He is an expert and his suggestion will make a difference. Now if we can only figure out how to get Sheila's audit alarms acted upon promptly, we may begin to see light at the end of the tunnel, no matter who holds sway in the commons.

Holding Paul's feet to the fire is required to see anything worthy enacted. That requires focus. How do we focus and agree on a priority demand? Once chosen, letters and email with a FOCUS can sway a government where votes are life and death.

If blogger power ever harnesses focus, something the MSM can't seem to do, we could exert some real direction on whichever party happens to occupy Ottawa at the time.
73s TonyGuitar


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