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Thursday, October 27, 2005


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Trojan - Webroot - Zapped!

Thank you Webroot. You scanned, You found, You Zapped! Can't ask for much more than that. Not bad considering MS runs previous at 2am every morning.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Images, we want more!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Josh states how - I agree!

If You Want to Stop War,
You Must Create Better Art!

Social change on a massive scale happens in one of two ways--through War or Art.

I define War as any aggressive act that is meant to secure space: ideological space, geographical space, space for resources, or space to procreate.

Acts of war always lower the living standards of those around you, even if your personal living standard goes up. You are a selfish prick if you live your live by the philosophy of making total war on those around you.

I define Art as any idea, expression, product, or service that raises your living standard as well as those around you through the majesty of spiritually creative and morally intelligent synergy applied through artistic talents and skill sets.

I think it’s clear which road is more profitable but you decide for yourself.

We watched in real time as soldiers rolled into the desert of a foreign nation and secured the borders. Then the cameras were shut off once the real war began but, for the first time in history, passive observers witnessed the creation of War happening in real time and that is the point.

Because while we can experience the actual creation of War, we can also participate in the creation of art in real time.

Through the proper use of blogs, podcasts, e-mail newsletters, and aggressive marketing (both off and online), artists now have a potential and a platform to reach billions of people each second.

How many are taking advantage of it?

And while we’re asking questions, how many artists are wasting their time marching in the streets?

How many are sitting around bitching to their co-workers and friends and feeling completely helpless and creatively void?

How many are filling up warehouses of cyberspace with wasteland rhetoric and inflammatory political crap, throwing turds into an already muddy pond?

How many artists are churning out spiritually, morally, and intellectually absent work that continues to deal with the parts of the whole instead of the entire framework and content of life like proper art should?

If you’re one of these artists, then SNAP OUT OF IT!

You've been given the greatest democratic tool of free expression in history and it is yours to waste or use to improve the living standard of yourself and the people around you.

If you can pull it off, you will inspire those around you to act differently toward their circles of influence and society will begin humming again.

A renaissance isn't a bomb that falls on the city. It’s a hot stone dropped into an already warm and rippling pond. The stone’s impact unifies the motion of the waves into growing concentric circles that touch the heart long before they ever reach the mind.

Joseph Campbell always said that if a mythology or work of art has to be explained to the mind in rational terms, it is no longer functioning to put you in touch with the mystery that is the true source of your own being.

Stop explaining things and don't waste energy where it doesn't synergize.

As an artist, you will never defeat warlords arguing with them on their terms. They have the map and they are the ones driving the vehicle, dropping the bombs, and cutting off heads.

It is your civic duty as an artist to use your talents, skill sets, experience, and passion to repaint the landscape and make the Warlord’s map obsolete.

Artists must rise beyond the pettiness of local bickering by pooling the strengths and resources of those around them into an inspiration that can be creatively channeled into their strengths, talents, and skill sets to produce art on the breakthrough level of universal human expression (instead of petty and limited social group expression which 99% of so-called artists are putting out today).

As an artist, you must pull back the veil of mystery that surrounds us all, so we may once again connect with the true source of inspiration which lies in the secret heart of every person on Earth. Josh

Josh: *A true patriot must always be willing to defend his country against it's government.* TG: And for Canada, that applies in spades!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My.Opera.com/T-G/ Nature is art in color

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That's better..No Beavers.
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