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Friday, October 28, 2016

Before Trans Mountain  and  Kinder Morgan  flood  our  coast  with  tar  sand  bitumen  there  should  be  a  clean up  team  in  place.  Nothing  is  in place  yet.  PLEASE!!!

First  warning  two  years  ago  when  a  freighter  fuel  spill  occurred  at  Vancouver  harbour.   The  clean  up  crew  and  equipment  were  non-existent.   Steps  taken  were  days  late  and  totally useless!

Logic  suggests  that  the  Kinder Morgan, Trans Mountain  and   whole  oil  producer  gang  would  put  equipment  and  teams  in  place  as  a  public  relations  move  to  show  how  sincere  they  were  about  controlling  toxic  tar  sands  bitumen  spills  when  they  happen.

After  all,  the  Oil  Producers  gang  are  asking  our  permission  to  push  through  pipelines  for  a  7  fold  increase  in  toxic  oil  flow  shipping.

Million$  in  television  ads  showing  how  saintly  oil  field  employees  declare   they  are  sincere  about  not  spilling  oil   mean  nothing  to  us  viewers.   That  money  should  be  invested  in  oil  spill  prevention  crews  and  equipment.   Actions  to  instill  our  public  trust.

In  September  of  this  year  another  fuel  spill  happened  again  off  our  B.C.  coast  at  Bella Bella.   The  action  taken  was  sadly  delayed  and  totally  ineffective.  The  booms  were  too  small  and  broke  open  in  stormy  weather.   This  shows  that  Trudeau  [ our  federal  government ],  Christi Clark, [ Our  Provincial Government ],  and  the  Trans Mountain, Kinder Morgan  Oil  consortium  are  still  totally  incompetent  with  protection  of  our  fisheries  and  tourism  industries.

If  and  when  a  moderate  Exxon Valdez  spill  happens  on  our  coastline,  then  Euro  tourists   will  stay  away  in  hoards  not  to  mention  the  losses  in  fisheries  harvests  and  lost  employment.

Trudeau  re-opened   the  Coast Guard  station  in  Vancouver.  A  good  start  and  a  no-brainer.  It  is  essential  that  a  quick   attack   petroleum  spill  control  team   be  available   now!.  Oil  and  bitumen  spills  are  a  future  certainty.   The  Wealthy  Oil  sector  who  charge  us  one  dollar  for  air  at  the  gas  station  can  easily  afford  to  support  emergency  control  of  their  oil  and  bitumen  products.

 Anthony Robinson


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