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Thursday, June 03, 2010

BP Oil Spill Sad but a Boost to EVs

The BP oil spill is a major blow to the rich wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico and a true disaster. The only possible bright side to this is that it will be a boost for Electric Vehicles and other energy sources like bloomboxes and fuel cells.
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Big firms like Fedex, Google, Walmart  Ebay are already using Bloomboxes on their property. They don't have to worry about downed power lines any more.


A recent investor's news letter sees this power trend coming. Here is a little copy from their newsletter.....


The "Smart Grid" is NOT the BIG Story.
To see how much energy pundits don’t know, just watch how many times they bring up the "smart grid," or the "energy internet."

That’s all the pundits talk about, because that’s all the power companies want you to know about.
Their futures depend on our 100-year old system of centralized power.
A switch to localized power generation would destroy them, and even they know it!

In fact, asked confidentially about their prospects, one in seven utility industry professionals expect their industry to disappear by 2050.
It’s no wonder they feel that way.

In the next 20 years alone the world will need about 75% more electricity. In the next 50 years we’ll need 350% more.
NENE's motion power technology could help solve that problem.
Our electric grid is already maxed out and ready to fail at any minute.

Duke Energy, PG&E, SoCalEd and all the other power industry companies are heavily invested in those huge and crumbling power plants and their 10,000 miles of transmission lines.

And making the grid "smart" is just a band-aid.
They’re not about to make room for new technologies like New Energy Technologies.

We can all look forward to local power and most importantly, no downed power lines. In fact no power lines at all!

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Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Speaking of power... Another possible fiasco in BC Canada.


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Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Canada's New Flag?


or click on April 2006 in the archive left column for ten new flag designs.

Your design? Send me a copy to guitarTGatGmaildotcalm .. ok?

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