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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association [Debunked]

[ [This modern Paris Taxi runs on compressed air = clean! ]

Debunking Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Assn. 4/5 propaganda ad ; Page A7 National Post October 30th 2007

*We Have a Plan to Do More*
*New Technologies. We*ve introduced 70 new green technologies since 2005.

[Nice claim, but no list or examples.]

*Better fuels. We need more choice in renewable bio-fuels.

[Sure, anything to keep Internal combustion engines on the highways, practicality be dammed.]
[Only two (2) multi-mix E85 bio-fuel stations in Canada, so far.]

*Getting old polluting vehicles off the road. Government programs need to be expanded to replace older vehicles sooner.

[ A ploy to sell more cars by Government law. No mention that there are quick cures for engines that burn oil. Longer service of properly serviced oil burning vehicles is better for the ecology than scrapping and buying new.]

* Government leadership. Governments can continue to lead by purchasing new green technology vehicles for fleets.

[ Or Governments can lead buy converting hybrid fleet vehicles to (PEVs), Plug-in electric vehicles.] [No need to burn fossil fuels at all in daily service work.]

* Changes in driving behaviour. We must work together to help drivers reduce emissions. We can all make a difference.

[ Nonsense! Driving behaviour is a fixed value, is never likely to change and the CVMA knows it!

* Starting in 2011, we will be working toward more strigent efficiency standards with available most advanced technologies.[ Gonna play golf until 2011? Hogwash!]

Let me simplify the obvious cure for the Cdn. Vehicle Manufacturers Assn. Simply supply the 1993 EV-1 (Electric Vehicle) technology that was withdrawn and crushed in a secure GM compound in Arizona and then watch the poison smog that envelopes all cities vanish. Not to mention the freedom from paying a fortune to pump volatile gasoline for the excessive profits of Exxon, Chevron and the general club of oily carpetbaggers.]

The Propaganda on page A7 National Post speaks loudest by omission. There is not a mention of EV or PEV or battery. [Electric vehicle - Plug-in Electric vehicle.]

Understandable; The sale of electric vehicles with one motor moving part, ( the motor armature ), is not profit laden when compared to all the moving parts and attached systems for the old oil burning or bio-fuel motor.

Exxon, of Valdez oil spill fame, were court ordered to pay a penalty of 4 Billion$. Exxon appealed and had that reduced by half to two Billion$. Exxon is appealing the 2 Billion$ penalty for a reduction to zero$. Exxon is the worlds largest and most profitable corporation with profits in the Billion$. You would think they would pay some penalty just for political public relations reasons.

The CVMA begins with saying * We have a plan to do more* but notice that most points following seem to suggest that Government and the public must do more.

This post is meant to be constructive, CVMA. Back to the drawing board, and this time show us how YOU plan to do more!= TG

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Blogger TonyGuitar said...

That last promise from the CVMA..

** Starting in 2011, we will be working toward more strigent efficiency standards with available most advanced technologies.**

Starting in 2011?

You had a perfectly good GM product in 1993. The EV-1 and every lessor wanted to buy it. 2011, my a.. eye.= TG

9:41 PM  
Blogger Gayle said...

Sounds to me like they are just passing the buck, Tony. I'm glad it's better to drive old cars than scrap them and buy new. Mine are all old! LOL!

7:26 AM  

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