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Monday, May 21, 2007

Prius Hybrid 52 MPG battery assist

US Canada Canadian Ontario

Prices for a good used Prius are quite reasonable. Using one of the auto shopping finder service sites, you can use 98401 for a zip code and see what is selling from 11K to 22K in the WA area not too far south of Vancouver. BC.

Ideally, Evs like the Phoenix SUT [ Sport Utility Truck ], [Scroll down a few], are perfect since they allow you to remain mobile even when gas at the pumps is reserved, during a crisis, for police and emergency only.

A newer used Prius is an excellent interim choice. The money you save on gas can go toward a new EV, [ Electric Vehicle ] when they are easier to get.

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Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Here are some links you could find handy. Just highlight and copy this whole comment and past it to a WPS page called Hybrid BuyLinks, or something similar.


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Hybrid Cars at Toyota.com The Toyota 50th Anniversary Celebration. Moving Forward. www.Toyota.com/Camry

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= TG

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