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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wanted solid reliable software programs

Wanted 4-wheel drive suite

Require some smaller and cleaner apps that do what is expected without 200 plug-ins or patches one can never use, much less remember.

[1] No need for twice daily malware scans.

[2] No need to trust your HDD to Microsoft.

[3] No need to waste time downloading endless patches,
fixes, add-ons, up-dates and bug fixes.

[4] No need to pay $45 or $100 per incident to Microsoft
when pressed for time.

[5] No need to accept crashes by other software that
Microsoft resents and can*t extort a compatibility license from.

Please give us a suite of tight well written apps that will
be resistant to internet threats.

Software that need only be renewed bi-monthly at the most. Software not requiring attention and patches twice per week.

Software that does not require the authors to have unprotected access to your computer where they run around in the background slowing your machine.

Mac may be the current answer. Not sure.

Mozilla could provide a suite in Linux Unbuntu, Redhat or whatever is most solid. Firefox and Thunderbird are a good start. Core basics…

Email Agent
Word Processor Graphics Photo Laser & Inkjet

Must now avoid Bloatware, windows always under attack.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Israel to bomb Iran?

  Posted by Picasa Israel will hit Iran in the next few months: Israeli official

By Khalid Hasan

WASHINGTON: Israel will strike Iran’s nuclear facilities in the next “month or two or three,” an Israeli official has been quoted here as saying.

The unnamed official told Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor-in-chief of the United Press International (UPI), at the recently held national day reception at the Israeli Embassy that he believed Israel would strike Iran first in the next two or three months and that fighter bombers would not be involved as they had been to take out Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor before it went critical in 1981. For Osirak, Israel had used 14 F-15s and F-16s. This time, the Israeli said, it would be missiles. Asked if Israel would employ Cruise missiles, he replied, “with a gesture of his hand that went up and down again”, which meant that it would be the weapon of choice.

Asked if tunnel entrances to widely scattered Iranian nuclear facilities would be targeted, he responded that Israel had its own geo-stationary spy-in-the-sky satellite taking constant pictures of Iran with a resolution down to 70 centimetres. “We know far more than anyone realises,” he added.==== TG

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cuba nuke number 2?

Diplomacy? Posted by Picasa

I imagine the mix of peace negotiations and Arafat had much to do with the US / French pull-out at the time. Too bad that crumbled. [Us and France back out of Lebanon]
[I know, hindsight is so unfair.]

Now we are faced with *Madmud*s* grievance manifesto issued to Bush;

And the question of precision bombing underground nuke equipment while keeping in mind that Iran*s new subs with nuke missals could be sitting within US target range.

Is this Cuba Number 2?
Will *MadMud* be slamming his shoe on the table like Kruschev? TG

Hizbullah Victory ... Wha..?

France and Hizbullah: The End of the Affair
U.S.-Europe Analysis Series, November 2005


Brookings Institute

Olivier Guitta, Consultant, Middle Eastern and European Affairs

In 1960, during a joint press conference with then French President Charles De Gaulle, David Ben Gurion, Israel's then prime minister stated that France was Israel's greatest friend. At that moment, De Gaulle interrupted him abruptly, asserting that *France has no friends, just interests.*

This statement summarizes much of French foreign policy. It certainly applies to the French relationship with Hizbullah. Indeed, there has been a noticeable recent change in France's attitudes vis-à-vis Hizbullah to such an extent that France's stance on the Lebanese Shia organization now seems almost identical to the American one. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether France and the United States can work together effectively on the problem of Hizbullah.

The French and American experiences in Lebanon have been quite similar in many ways, particularly when it comes to Hizbullah. The *Party of God*.

(Hizbullah) is considered a terrorist group by much of the Western world, though not by France or by any Arab country. It was created in 1982, (in part) to expel foreign forces from Lebanon—i.e. the Israeli forces then occupying southern Lebanon and the Italian, French and American forces present in Beirut under a UN peacekeeping mandate.

As a result, relations between France, the U.S. and Hizbullah got off to a very bad start.

In April 1983, Hizbullah targeted French soldiers with a rocket attack, although they did not cause any casualties and attacked the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, killing 63 people and injuring more than 120. In October 1983, things got even worse when Hizbullah bombed nearly simultaneously, the French and U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in Beirut in October 1983, killing 241 U.S. Marines and 58 French soldiers.

In November 1983, in retaliation for the deadly October attack on its soldiers, France sent fighter jets to bomb Hizbullah's camp in Baalbek. The U.S. response to Hizbullah's attack was more timid: some shelling from the battleship USS New Jersey at hostile positions beyond Beirut. It appears that then Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger scrapped a mission to hit Hizbullah's positions with more force.

In December 1983, Hizbullah attacked French soldiers in South Lebanon, killing ten. This time the French did not retaliate and in 1984 French and U.S. troops left Lebanon for good—undoubtedly to Hizbullah's great satisfaction.

This is a snippet, View Full Paper (PDF—81kb) TG

Brookings Institute

© Copyright 2005, The Brookings Institution

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