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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wanted solid reliable software programs

Wanted 4-wheel drive suite

Require some smaller and cleaner apps that do what is expected without 200 plug-ins or patches one can never use, much less remember.

[1] No need for twice daily malware scans.

[2] No need to trust your HDD to Microsoft.

[3] No need to waste time downloading endless patches,
fixes, add-ons, up-dates and bug fixes.

[4] No need to pay $45 or $100 per incident to Microsoft
when pressed for time.

[5] No need to accept crashes by other software that
Microsoft resents and can*t extort a compatibility license from.

Please give us a suite of tight well written apps that will
be resistant to internet threats.

Software that need only be renewed bi-monthly at the most. Software not requiring attention and patches twice per week.

Software that does not require the authors to have unprotected access to your computer where they run around in the background slowing your machine.

Mac may be the current answer. Not sure.

Mozilla could provide a suite in Linux Unbuntu, Redhat or whatever is most solid. Firefox and Thunderbird are a good start. Core basics…

Email Agent
Word Processor Graphics Photo Laser & Inkjet

Must now avoid Bloatware, windows always under attack.


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