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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Canada Coat of Arms and maple leaf


The golden maple leaf is a litle more appealing than the solid liberal red. Conservatives and Canadiana acknowledged in this version. Posted by Picasa


Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Unrelated... but almost every E-mail to any HotMail account.. seems to bounce.

See ZedNet Tech item...

I opened a free Gmail account, HotMail sucks!!


Much spam sure comes from HotMail too. Yahoo is offering a new E-mail service.

Google*s Gmail has been excellent for me, so far. TG

6:52 PM  
Anonymous mac said...

hey how about a marijuana leaf

11:59 AM  
Anonymous mac said...

after blog owner consent? what the fuck is that kind of shit

12:01 PM  
Blogger the monarchist said...

Interesting scale of flags. I am still somewhat partial to the Red Ensign, though I am even more of a nut for the coat of arms. Either way, the days of the Flag Debate are well and beyond past us.

9:22 PM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Au contrair, Mr Loyal Monarch breath.

The next flag debate approaches and it is incumbant upon us to be well prepared.

You, I, and millions are not content with our monotone maple leaf.

Canadians will do better. TG

10:08 PM  

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