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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Two wars not just terrorism

Two wars not just terrorism
and Latins from Mexico are not involved.

The MSM provides selective sanitized reporting on Shiite, Suni, and Hamas, Jewish struggles.

The MSM fails to cover the drug, sex and extortion war that goes on here in North America every day. Overall picture that is.

It takes the shooting deaths of eight biker soldiers for the MSM to cover our local corporate crime wars.

We should be more aware of, and alarmed at the expansion of drug addiction and the tremendous fast growing strain that puts on our health care and the economy in social support costs.

A sick foster child, nurtured back to good health by a home based care giver, was returned, by children*s services, to it*s eighteen year old drug addicted pregnant mom. Soon after, that mom vanished to parts unknown.

The population of young drug addicted sex and porn workers is growing. Yes they do have and raise kids.

Strip clubs have professional web sites that interlink to all cities and towns across the country. They offer exotic dancer services for conventions and stag parties. What kinds of income from CEOs and executives could digital photos from those events generate ?

There are groups of darkened buildings in many cities where commerce has died out. The buildings are occupied by crack-heads. Heads move in, business dies and business moves out.

E-mail in boxes and comment enabled websites are swamped with drug and sex explicit offerings. The majority of which carry reporting and data- mining malware.

The Banks are suffering losses they hope to keep hidden from public awareness. Credit card data is being compromised at an alarming rate. Notice, there is no mention of the buying and selling of drugs or grow ops or Afghanistan opium trade. No wonder the Hells Angels Corporation wants to keep a low profile. Like any corporation, public relations are important.

Seems to me like the MSM is helping them to maintain that Low key profile. TG

Ps The usual Car & home B&E s, car thefts, pawnshopped stolen goods...are just too much to list.

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