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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Website, for sale- $5000 - Why?

This 16 cylinder gem that is not for sale just now. 10Words.ca is though.
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[1] Short [2] memorable [3] top of alpha sort [4] No one enters 0 in a search but the numeral 10 is a human natural [5] 10words dot com and org are owned by a religious group and inactive... fill out your full suite at reasonable cost.

10Words.ca is fully registered with Canadian Internet Registry Authority. This natural and easy to remember Alpha-topper Website looks like a Blogsite at the moment, but can be made to serve the most effective of commercial purposes, limited only by your website choices of design.

Your serious offer for [ 10Words.ca ] is welcome at Tone.robinson at Gmail.com. The ideal website for business on the web. Go ahead, have a look at the site http://10Words.ca


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