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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Black - Robber Baron? Suspect?

[ Conrad Black ]

'A corporate kleptocracy'
Black's Ravelston Corp. says report on Hollinger 'laced with outright lies'

Barbara Shecter and Wojtek Dabrowski
National Post

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

This is an exclusive 4 page story in the National Post.

[Far down in the left column of any National Post Web page is the *Search The Post* window. Use this little used out of the way window to look up this and related stories.]

Brian is currently suing Peter C Newman for Two Million dollars.

Why then has Black not sued the Post , Shecter and Dabrowski , for their story. Because Black still owns part of the National Post? Because the story is entirely true?

If Black has nothing to worry about in Canada, [ remember his problems are U.S. courts], does Black enjoy criminal immunity because he occupies boardrooms with Paul Martin?

Is there different law for the rich and the masses?

Is the Canadian legal system and it’s judges honorable?

Is the Gomery whitewash honorable?

Time for a massive house cleaning, I say. TG


Blogger TonyGuitar said...

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Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Topic of safeguarding our tax wealth in Ottawa from random government sleight of hand.

Looking for you opinion on a couple of Wikipedia Pages. If you can spare a moment to have a look and maybe leave your impression it would be very helpful for further edits.


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