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Friday, November 04, 2005

Integrity & Whistle Blower Law

Integrity First Posted by Picasa

Honesty and Integrity

The Conservative Party will provide the leadership to stand up for honesty and integrity in government. We will put in place stringent safeguards that will prevent corruption and make government more transparent, democratic, and accountable.

The Conservative Party will stand up for:

@Protecting whistleblowers. We will bring in whistleblower protection legislation to ensure that those who expose corruption and wrongdoing are protected from reprisal.

@Strengthening the Auditor General. We will ensure that the Auditor General has full access to all the government's books, including all agencies, Crown corporations, and foundations, and allowing the Auditor General to report on government waste or abuse at any time.

@Keeping control over your money. We will strengthen internal audits within government departments and give more powers to the Comptroller General to check wasteful spending before it starts.

@ Protecting the right to know. We will expand the Access to Information Act to cover all agencies, Crown corporations, and foundations, and ensure that the public interest can override any government secrecy exemptions.

@Independent watchdogs with teeth.

We will give parliament, not the Prime Minister, the power to appoint all Officers of Parliament like:
The Ethics Commissioner,
The Auditor General,
The Information Commissioner,
The Privacy Commissioner, and
The Chief Electoral Officer. Full approval & endorsement TG


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