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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jihadist Misses are News too!

Law enforcement finds origins of the plot[s] trace back to 1997, when Kevin Lamar James [29], a black inmate of Sacremento's New Folsom prision founded *Assembly of Authentic Islam* The group's aims are to target supporters of Israel as well as the US government.

Others joined with James and they recruited fellow prisinoers. One of them, Levar Washington, out of prison after serving 6 years for assault and robbery began to recruit from his Los Angeles Mosque, Jamat-E-Masijidul Islam.

Hammand Samana and Gregory Patterson, both 21 and without criminal records joined with Washington and James. All four now face up to life terms for conspiracy to levy war against U.S.A. military targets, Israeli targets, the LA Consulate, Jewish synagogues.

They monitored the Jewish calander and planned to attack on Jewish holidays so as to maximize casualty counts.

Fund-raising for these projects took the form of a crime wave involving 11 gas stations over five weeks.

Gregory Patterson dropped mobile phone during a robbery and that led to their discovery and arrests.

Washington's apartment provided bullet proof vests, knives, Jihadist lierature, and the addresses of future targets.

It's worrysome that until the stroke of mobile phone discovery luck, the authorities were entirely clueless about this cell and their plans, just as the Brits were about bomb plots before 7/7.

Yet, US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lavished praise upon everyone at every government level. This is a pat on the back for ineptitude really.

The emergance of an American Islamist terrorist cell signals a new trend.

Terrorist plans that fail don't make headlines, but they should. This event was a near miss. Home grown Jihad has arrived in the United States and will do damage.


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Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

Is that a spam comment above? Turning on "word verification" will prevent automated comments.

This site would do well with trackback, as The Canadian Sentinel is following the terrorism problem too. You can view my counterterror info posts, starting with the most recent one:


I've noticed regular hits from Americans looking for info on the Norman, OK failed terror attempt. Americans seem to be frustrated at not being able to easily be informed via the msm, so they turn to us via Google and other searches. Also, they find TCS by Googling "Northeast Intelligence Network", which I mention in my posts as a primary source for my info. Plus, I inserted a trackback to my post on Michelle Malkin's site and have had many visits directly from that trackback. I get this info on the origins of visits by checking my Sitemeter stats. Sitemeter's free, btw.

I recommend Haloscan's trackback feature, also free.

I would also recommend registering your site(s) on Technorati. The more links you get to your site, via sidebar links and via trackbacks to your postings, the higher up you move in the TTLB Ecosystem. It all helps with visibility and traffic.

See if you can find your way to the trackback and Sitemeter sites via the icons at the bottom of TCS.


For Haloscan trackback, this is where I went to set up mine:


10:14 AM  
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