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Monday, August 22, 2005

Bill C-11: 14 Ministries Lifetime Muzzled? No!

You know, I have been thinking a little more about the way Martin and his Libscammers perverted the thrust and purpose of Whistle-Blower protections Bill C-11.

They have completely reversed the intended purpose of the bill by adding changes to completely muzzle hundreds of workers in Fourteen departments of government for their collective lifetime. That equates to *Forever*. Bill C-11 supposed to allow speaking out.

That perversion of Bill C-11 is designed to hide and conceal criminal acts of the Martinite government from the citizens of Canada.

That perversion, the 100 percent reversal of the accepted purpose of what the Citizens of Canada expect from bill C-11, is a criminal act in itself.

Any first year law student should be able to clearly illustrate that perverting legislation from protecting the citizenry to ensnaring the tax-paying public from behind shrouds of imposed secrecy, is an act of deceptive criminality.

Clamping down on employees from being able to speak about the workplace for life can be attacked from the point of our Rights and Freedoms act as well.

I certainly can not accept this criminal action foisted on the vacationing public of Canada during August when only a small fraction are reading any in-depth news at all.

These Libscammers are not only corrupt, but stealthily clever as well. What other government has held on to power through votes of non-confidence and vote-buying to the extent Libscammers have?

No, this is not to be allowed. This is not going to go over smoothly.
I am raising hell through Email and other means.

I sure hope you can see what a colossal fraud the Martinites are pulling here, and that you will do some Emailing to protest about it too.

This is the type of manouver one could expect the Communist China government to pull. 73s TG [BendGovt.blog.ca]


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