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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Canada's shameful MSM Fraud

The dishonesty of our main stream media pushing the *Fear Harper* card.

What could be more one sided and dishonest than the constant drip - drip of *fear Harper propaganda* for more than a year without ever once printing out a summary list of the $billions of dollars of scams and frauds perpetrated by the Liberal Government?

Liberal scams were covered in the media in a scattered sense, but without a summary or even a partial list, the media prevents voting Canadians from ever having any concept of the scope of 200 plus scams beginning in 1993.

These two major media frauds on Canadians can explain why the Liberal party won a miraculous 104 seats when returns of 35 to 65 seats would have been more reasonable.

Lists of 200 and 219 news media documented Liberal scams have been posted on many sites in the blogosphere. It is a media disgrace that no such lists were ever commonly available to Canadians in newspapers.

Two such *amateur* lists can be seen at:

There are many more editorially correct lists on the net as well.

In full color NDP literature the cost of Liberal scams is conservatively pegged at ten [10] $billion dollars.

There has been no protest or threat of lawsuit by the Liberal Party at all.

Your own arithmetic will quickly take you well beyond ten billion dollars.

The marching in lockstep of the MSM in Canada must be changed for the benefit of Canadians. TG


Blogger Joan Tintor said...

Hopefully the truth will come out about all the chicanery with gov't money, now that the Liberals are out of the way. But it needs to be done soon.

9:35 AM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

There was in fact one list of 218 scams published in the Toronto Star on January 22nd 2006, just before the election.

Harly enough time for the public to learn and apply to their voting decision. TG

8:29 PM  
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