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Monday, January 30, 2006

Renewl or Death for Liberal Party?

Renewal of the Liberal Party?
First, the question of facing the courts. A minimum of 10 $billion of our money has been syphoned off. Liberals should pay fair penalties for that.

Also add a one $billion penalty they should pay for renegging on Agusta-Westland and the EH-101 helicopter. Liberals mess, we taxpayers pay? Criminal negligence!

Starving health care and education to create a surplus does not imply the right to stuff your pockets with some of that budget surplus.

If our justice system were not stuffed with Liberal shills, I may have had hopes for fair justice. 34$million in debt and who knows how much in penalties and fines that may also become due. One has to wonder just how little or how much of our missing revenues may be recovered.

Another way to penalize and minimize the Librals is to throw support to the Greens.

20 seats for the Green party in the next election at Liberal and NDP expense would be very good for Canada.

Message to Liberals: You are infested with crooks. Those crooks must be seen to walk the plank, otherwise you can not expect to regain Canadian voter respect.

Liberal popularity is still spiraling downward and that will continue as the public learns of the full list of crimes.

List of 218 *Low Points*, Toronto Sun by Linda Williams
January 22nd

Different list of 200+

Canadians were aware of Adscam and a scam here and there. Wait for the backlash when they learn about the much wider scope of fraud these lists represent.

When the MSM*s fear Harper trick is better understood, there should be some backlash there also.

Rocky roads ahead for Liberals. TG


Blogger Debris Trail said...

If Harper funds Shiela Fraser to the extent she has been requesting, I'm afraid that the list of Liberal leadership hopefuls may become very short indeed. I can see it now, one after another dropping out of the race because of corruption revalations. Furthermore, if Harper can bring genuine renewal to the Provincial/Federal arrangement, and move it back to the where it was intended to be before Trudeau began manipulating it, the Liberals will lose their ability to bribe the regions. My personal hope is for a great expansion, or rather return, to provincial powers and a gutting of the unbalanced tax arrangment that makes turns the Feds into the Sugar Daddy for regions that vote Liberal.

7:17 AM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

I admit to not having thought things that far ahead. You outlined a very worthwhile aim. Seconded. TG

9:45 AM  

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