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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Electric Zap EV plug-ins 8,000 and 10,000

Fwance not completely hopeless.
10,000 EVs for postal service. When Iran pulls the next stunt in straits of Hormuz and there*s no gas. You still get your mail.

How many electric vehicles does $79 million buy? If you're buying from Zap! (maker of the Xebra, the car above, but solid black), it's probably around 8,000.

Zap! isn't saying how many vehicles exactly are involved in the massive deal they announced yesterday, but suffice it to say it's pretty big news.

Just as big - or perhaps a bit bigger - was the announcement of 10,000 EVs that will soon join the French postal service fleet. The electric car revolution is coming.
===== Autoblog.com

And just in time too! = TG

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Anonymous Robert Ackerlind said...

The reflex system or phev should be working now with nimh but for chevron/cobasys suppression.

Lithium is too expensive not to mention explosive. The chevy volt is a body only. Gm is expecting Chevron/Cobasys's lithium research department to solve the fire problem.

This is another ruse like the fuel cell fiasco.

Toyota would be selling plug-ins now except their parent company Panasonic lost the spurious lawsuit from cobasys.

The details are sealed but Panasonic is obviously prohibited from producing nimh above 10 ah (enough for mild hybrids only such as the Prius).

A plug in would be more like 50 ah. the Rav4 ev had 95 ah and still runs after 200,000 miles, but when that dies Panasonic is prohibited from producing a replacement battery.

You can't get one from Cobasys. Cobasys refuses to sell above 10 ah for personal cars because that would damage their parent company chevron from selling gasoline.

7:48 PM  

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