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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

EV-1 Electric Car GM elegance

  Posted by Picasa This is a link to more photos / info about the**The Electric Car Movie**
And the

**Very Fast EV**


Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

Ah, yes, the EV-1. Far as I know, it was the public who "killed" it. They just didn't provide the demand for it to make it economically viable to produce/sell.

I recall, however, it was Diefenbaker who killed the Avro Arrow. I'll never figure out why. Perhaps he was a closet Liebrano?

The Arrow would've been a source of genuine Canadian pride. Much more genuine than the annoying "pride" the left tells us to have in the whole "multicultural" thing which they use to whitewash any distinct Canadian-ness from the federation. It's inexplicable. Of course we know we have many cultures within the border, but what's up with the leftist fear of a separate, unique Canadian identity which doesn't have anything to do with communist healthcare and with simply not being American?

Geez... some folks think it's not-ok to be simply Canadian. They think we must hyphenate ourselves. Sheesh!

Guess that's a bit off-topic. My bad!

1:21 AM  

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