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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Electric Car.... Conspiracy?

  Posted by Picasa Who is holding back my electric car? The electric car that I should be able to buy at reasonable cost is no challenge to produce with today*s technology.

The car has two banks of light weight battery on either side of the centered motor under the front hood.

The roof mounted high output solar panels charge the battery opposite the battery under drain.

There could be a small propane bottle fueled motor for emergency side of the road battery refresh, but efficiency advances would soon make that requirement obsolete.

I want to plug my car in at night and get clear of the noise, the poison stink, the volatility of gas, the cost of gas, the need to find a gas seller, muffler and exhaust problems, fuel mix problems, anti-freeze problems, radiator problems, water pump problems, air filter problems, oil filter problems, gasket leaks and faulty seals. Failing rubber hoses and clamps.

Crude oil is for making plastics and paints, not for burning. We are no longer cave dwellers.

Where is my modern trouble free electric car? Seniors who run about on their electric carts with that smug look have an unfair monopoly!

Even electric fork lift drivers have that, *I know something*, smug look. TG


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