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Thursday, April 19, 2007

BMW CS nice but needs batteries

Here is the new Audi Quattro for some stiff comparison.

[Credit = Autoblog.com photo gallery]

The CS looks great and would be a run-away best seller if it didn*t need to run on gas.

BMW surprised everyone with their Shanghai antics today. Showing that they can play the four-door coupe game as well as Mercedes, Aston and Porsche, the Bavarians unveiled their Concept CS.

Expected to become BMW's new flagship model (8-series, perhaps?), the CS is believed to be almost production-ready. It sits on the newest 7-series platform under development, extending the length and width of the current 7 by a couple of inches, while dropping the roof line by a good five inches. it measures in at 200.8 inches long, 78 inches wide, and just 53.5-inches high. Even with the extra acreage, the CS is a four-seater only, with two sculpted seats in back.
======== Autoblog.com

Now that sure is one swanky looking car. = TG
BTW, Have you seen the Ford Hybrid Escape 8 year warranty? Scroll down.


Blogger fritz said...

very sleek looking

1:17 PM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Keep in mind, that while hybrids are interesting, they are a ploy to keep you invested in gas engines and gas pumps.

It is the EV owner who can still drive when refineries or the straits of Hormuz are bombed and no gas is available.

Hybrids can be damaged by trying to drive on an empty gas tank.= TG

10:28 AM  

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