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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who killed the electric car?

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Toyota RAV4-EV
More my style.
Jeep-EV, where are you?

Electric Car Wins in Speed Race Against Ferrari & Porsche
Watch TV coverage by Bay Area KRON4 of the Wrightspeed showdown
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[ Find this at ... PluginAmerica.com

Finally, a website where all my bros live. Where all my arguments are made. Where all my wishful statements turned out to be true.

How is it that so few of us are aware of the many choices of Electric Drive vehicles... ?

Look at the see-through drawing of the RAV4 EV and ask yourself why this SIMPLE machine should cost more than 50% of the stupidly complex oil burners we still drive today?

No engine block, valves, lifters, cam shaft, pistons, rods and the machining they require. No water jacket and radiator, no gas pump, oil pump or water pump. No transmission, tourque converter or power train.
No ignition timing. No fuel mixing. No fuel injection. No air filter. No oil filter. No muffler, No catalytic converter. No anti-freeze, no waterpump lubrication. No poisionous monoxide gas and no noise.

There is more of this troublesome junk you don*t have to pay for or repair with an Electric Vehicle, but you get the idea. = TG
PS > What are you going to do with the $75 a week you do not spend on gas?
Very Fast Black EV

The Tesla Roadster You can buy one but you can*t *floor it* unless you get LeMans training and take time off to visit the Arizona salt flats.
Tesla Roadster
640HP surprise


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What am I going to do with that $75 dollars...

I am going to spend it on electricity.

And how are you going to get around when demand for electricity - which is already stressing transmission lines and production capacity soars and 3 day blackouts become more common?

Which do you want - more nuclear stations, coal fired generators, natural gas turbines?

And when all those batteries need replacing every 5 to 7 years where are you going to put the old ones with all that lead and cadmium, etc?

And when its -40C in Calgary and the batteries are only 15-20% efficient - how do I get home on a single charge?

This may sound overly negative but I am tired of everyone thinking that electric or hydrogen cars are a simple solution.

Nothing is free - everything comes with trade offs.

2:58 PM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

An EV fill-up costs about $3.00.

$75 buys 25 fill-ups. You will have to drive around the clock to use 25 charges.

Cold is easily beaten with block heaters for gas engines.

EVs will auto-charge in the 2am to 6am time slot when grid demand is lowest. The battery will be warmed and at full power at 7am.

Block heaters use a heating element and draw more watts than a charger.

Big box stores are already providing free plug-ins for senior carts, golf carts, electric bikes, fork lifts etc.

These questions are easily answered at the link provided.

If your doubts were valid, how is it that all the lesees loved their EV1 and wanted to buy outright?

GM called all the leased EVs back and crunched them at their secure Arizona site, but helicopter photos were taken so the word got out. = TG

12:18 AM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Stolen comment from **TheHuffingtonPost** . Styles have broken out. Not all designs are *sissy looking*, but this conservative sounding Liberal paints a pretty informative and humorous picture. Brings us up to speed in a hurry.

==From TheHuffingtonPost of July 5 2006==========

I remember seeing the electric cars when they came out and the people who leased them [B]LOVED THEM.[B] When the company recalled them all and then destroyed them, there was a guy down the alley who kept one.

It's still around and I can't help but wonder if he told them it was stolen or what. I haven't seen the movie but a LOT of people I know have and they are just getting more and more pissed by the day that the Big auto manufacturers bent over and grabbed their ankles for big oil.

OF that there is no doubt. BUT one has to wonder, if you can make the cars cheaper and they don't need oil, wouldn't you rather corner the market?

As well you have to wonder why NONE of the auto manufacturers are bothering to make them. NOT ONE OF THEM.

SO what is really going on?

Well that and the fact that Detroit made them really sissy looking and totally unattractive, which made me realize more than ever it was deliberate. They COULD have made these things look hot, but they went out of their way to make sure they were not attractive.

60 Minutes did a special on a guy who makes millions by simply telling Detroit what turns men and women on with regards to styling. So this was deliberate on their part.


By: libsrule on July 05, 2006
=== swiped by TG ===

10:45 AM  
Blogger luckent47 said...

hey its I playertwo from ITM, I thought i'd make your day and comment AT your blog and not at the brothers'.

Lets get one thing palinly clear. I dont have any respect for hype and the automobile companies are out to make profits from products that people actually want. If you cant handle that then you have a mental disorder. so the whole Idea of Detroit KILLING the electric car is a joke. I hope you had a chance to read the article "have you hugged your hummer today" that I left a link to at ITM in the comments. It kind of lays it all out there that the whole concept of an electric car is hype to sell overpriced cars to liberals that have too much money ..


I have absolutely no problem with the concept and actually love the idea but it will take more than berating Detroit or lining the pockets of the japanese (and they are the standard of environmentalism, right..) to get there. I presume that it will be about hot rodding and will become a fad that jumps in progression because of the ease of access to technology we enjoy more than Ford did in his garage on Mack
My theories, if you'll indulge me. center around the idea of plasticized battery material that can be molded into the unibody, chassis, body parts, firewalls etc so that the car will have more interior space and more saleability.

consider a vehicle that isnt a combustion engine vehicle converted to electric. It wouldnt need a trunk as each wheel could have an motor and it wouldnt need alot of the characteristics of what you think in the third remove of a car.

we type on computers that are the equiv of the model "a" to the old model "t" commodores for expl. the electric cars and the tech we are seeing Leonardo the tool tool around in are less than zero and nothing but crap pumped out to satisfy upper middle class egos in liberal America.

Its not like we're asking for the world, we just want a porsche sized car that can make into work and back and that we can plug in, but without all the hype and bullshit that is out there right now.

Its not really about trade offs, its about risking billions and the jobs of countless breadwinners for an unrealistic proclivity of a whiney minority that thinks its entitled to define "progress" while not producing any damn cars at allthat are really usable by anyone but a bunch of millionaires and their scions.

We are giving Putin trillions of dollars to run oil drills 24/7 while we have all the oil we need right off the coast. If youre looking for a reason why we're dependent on tyrants for oil, its because the intractable and absolutely idiotic leftists in the US banned off shore drilling.

Its fucking 2006, the 21st century by God, why are we hostage to environmentalists that have no idea what they are talking about?
Its because whenever anyone tries to talk sense, theres ten other people blabbing about ufos and electric cars.

I would love to be off the grid, have a house that is solar and wind powered with a geothermic heating system, but its only been a hundred years since we started driving! Maybe a little slack, if you know what I mean..

I know where your heart is on this stuff and I applaud that, but geez, keepthe stuff in perspective.

9:13 PM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Your theories about the modernized plasticised form fitting battery may just come life.

One of the founding partners of Tesla EV Co. is the scientist who modernized battery tech so that our cell phones, cameras, and lap tops would run for decent lengths of time.

The Tesla Roadster delivers 240HP and has a range of 250 miles or better.

I agree that it is over priced and a treat for the rich crowd. Swartzeneggar drove away with one.

Large screen TV started out that way and now they are getting into the everyman*s price zone.

The Toyota RAV4 EV is more my speed. Trust well managed Toyota to deliver what the consumer wants.

Yeah, these things do start out as toys for the rich. Business claims it is the only way they can get their R&D paid off.

I think it*s paid off and now we expect to see better, more reasonably price EVs. = TG

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:02 PM  

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