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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Escape Hybrid is HARD, saves $250,000 in gas

[Credit = Autoblog.com photo gallery]

Ford is killing off the * Fix or repair daily* curse.

One of the concerns people have about hybrid vehicles is the durability of the complex drivetrains. Ford is helping to put some of that concern to rest. Less than two years ago a fleet of eighteen Escape Hybrids joined the ranks of New York City taxis. In that short span of time each one of them has now completed over 175,000 miles of service and saved an estimated $250,000 in fuel costs.

If a vehicle can survive the constant stop and go traffic of New York city streets while accumulating the same mileage as an average driver collects in 11 years, it's probably doing okay.
============ Thank you, Autoblog.com

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello to whoever left the TonyGuitar note on my truck. If you can find me a vehicle that can tow my horse trailer full of horses that is more green, I am all for it. Unfortunately none of the 'green' machines can do that. Even the truck I have is barely making it, I have to get a bigger stronger truck next year...I don't like the gas mileage I get, but I can't afford to have two vehicles licensed either. How about this, ICBC lets us have one licence for two vehicles, and I only drive one of them at a time. I only need to tow the horse trailer on weekends, then during the week I could drive the vehicle that is greener and cheaper to run. If that happens, I would pay out the money to buy a second vehicle, but as long as I have to pay for insurance for both of them to be able to drive them, then that isn't ever going to happen. If I pay insurance on a vehicle, it is not going to sit in my yard while I drive the other one!!!

2:42 PM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

The quick remedy for this is a single license / insured plate that can be transferred between both vehicles.

That way, only one can be driven under said insurance policy at any given time.

If one of the vehicles is sold then a transfer for the new one can occur just as with the single vehicle coverage. = TG

7:05 PM  

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