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Thursday, October 12, 2006

E-Bike no DL insurance or Registration?

I really do want an EV. [ Electric Vehicle ][car]

Remember that monthly car payments will not even phase you.
Why? Simple; you are not paying $300 per month for gas so your budget remains about the same.

[E-Bike]Amazing, but true. In B.C. Canada, where I live, [Vancouver Island], you can buy an E-bike, [looks like a motorcycle], new for only $900 to $1300, but aside from no gas to buy get this:

[1] An E-Bike does not require a driver*s license.

[2] An E-Bike does not require registration.

[3] An E-Bike does not require INSURANCE.
- - [ I would get some PL insurance . in case you flatten somebody]

This miracle of economy may be due to government wanting to encourage a move away from gas dependency and air pollution.

Check your state or province regulations to see if an E-Bike could save you a bundle of green backs.

The world is weird. E-Bikes are sold through our local computer dealer.

With no gas, no oil, and few moving parts, EVs are virtually maintenance free so there is not much service work for a bike shop to look forward to. Maybe that*s why they don*t sell E-Bikes.
Service work pays their $90 shop hour rate after all.

I couldn*t believe all this good stuff until October 11th/06 when I read all these facts in our sydicated local paper.

The new 2007 models are even more comfortable to ride, have a longer range and new features like motor lock-out and wireless remote security alarm.

The Canadian version comes with a big maple leaf on the front. Optional is a suspension feature making the E-Bike ride more like a motorcycle. Takes the rough stuff better.

Improved high torque motors and batteries allows 50 miles between recharging. [plugs in at home or work]. Many Box stores have pugins for senior*s electric EVs.

A re-charge will add a featherweight 6 cents to your hydro bill. If you get caught out of charge, you can pedal it like a normal bike.

There are several EV posts and good links at:



= TG

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Electric car firm Tesla a winner

Electric sports car maker sells out its first round of cars
August 15, 2006 11:35 AM PDT

Will people $100,000 to plunk down on an electric sports car? Yes, says Tesla Motors.
Tesla, which has created an all-electric sports car, has already booked deposits for its first 100 cars, according to Martin Eberhard, Tesla's CEO. The $100,000 deposits guarantee that the buyers will get the cars, which will come out next year.
"All 100 are gone," he said.

The company unveiled its Tesla Roadster on July 19 in a glitzy event in Santa Monica. At the time, around 37 people had already plunked down deposits. Many early buyers, such as Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Ebay co-founder Jeff Skoll, are investors in Tesla. So far, only a few cars have been fully completed.

The Tesla Roadster goes from zero to sixty in about four seconds, about as fast as a Ferrari. But, unlike a Ferrari, it doesn't make a vrooming noise or smell like gas. It sort of makes an eerie hum, like those cars in the 70s cult classic Death Race 2000.

They are fun to ride in. See the video here.

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From the excellent Cnet News ** = TG

Monday, October 09, 2006

Pipeline to China?

Pipeline to nowhere
Originally uploaded by Slugger O'Toole.

This pipeline is something of a mystery. Yet it is a very easy target from the air. Any fighter - bomber, or even a small drone could disrupt the line. So while China says they prefer to avoid shipment by sea for security reasons. Pipeline delivery seems no more secure. Delivery is more eficient and less prone to ocean spills however. = TG

China and multi - billion$ pipelines

China to build Billion-Dollar Pipeline

China has approved the construction of a multi-billion dollar pipeline to carry gas imported from Turkmenistan to China's southern business city of Guangzhou.

The pipeline will carry 30 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year from the Central Asian nation, Dow Jones Newswires reported on Wednesday.

The source said the pipeline's cost would run into tens of billions of dollars.

The report said the project would also double the capacity of an existing pipeline that carries gas from the Xinjiang region of China's northwest to Shanghai on the east coast.

The pipeline would have to go through either Kazakhstan or a combination of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgystan.

Eng. Al Jazeera


== From: Aljazeera.net ===================

English AlJzeera

US analysts say there is an expectation among Chinese strategists that the US will use its naval leverage to disrupt its energy imports should any conflict over the status of Taiwan arise.

The Chinese are reinforcing their navy, concerned with the insecurity of the maritime routes upon which almost all of China's energy imports travel.

But "it will not be a threat to the US unless China has a very large modern and capable navy which it has not remotely done to this point", Carpenter said.

Hoping to avert a new war of the Pacific, Beijing is developing alternative oil delivery routes that are meant to avoid US naval control.

China has bankrolled more than 80% of a $248 million project to develop a deep-sea port in Gwadar, Pakistan. This would lessen its reliance on sea routes by allowing oil to be transported overland through Pakistan to western China.

China also recently opened a 1000-km link carrying 190,000 barrels per day of Kazakh oil, providing its first direct access to potentially rich central Asian fields.
== Aljazeera.net ======================

No wonder Musharraf is playing both sides of the fence. He has no choice. Pakistan walks a tight-rope.

Taliban hit? - OK. = = = = China Pipeline hit? No - never! =TG

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