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Monday, June 25, 2007

EV battery pack conversion complex? Yes and No

Check this simple diagram and ask yourself, ** Can I do this? **




The basic simplicity of the Electric Vehicle can make one wonder at the needless complexity and inflated prices * Big Auto * likes us to believe are warranted for simple transportation.

This is an excellent EV conversion project by Nick = http://DriveEV.com


The converter :
Even the 400v to 12v DC to DC converter need not be connected to the drive current supply.

For accessory lights and battery charging. I would prefer an independent charger system because the converter needs to throw off a lot of wasted heat.

The function of the main breaker is the obvious safety device. Not so obvious is the inertia breaker in case of a collision accident. One more safety feature is the dash mount pull to open the main breaker via mechanical cable tripping.

10 deep-cycle gellCell batteries = 120Vdc @ $120 each = $1200
[ Heavy, should do until light, Hi-density batteries are reasonable in price. ]

400 Amp DC motor
Used DC9 400 amp DC motor Model FB-1 - 4001A = $
[Surplus auction or used military airfield supply]

These are the main elements to consider before getting started. You can get full conversion kits and they generally start at $9K , [ without batteries], so if you go this route it will be a month or two before you break even on gas savings.

Ken, gets his conversion supplies from Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd Errington B.C. here on Vancouver Island just inland from Parksvill up from Nanaimo.

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Temptation, . . . Eh? = TG

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Phoenix battery EV SUV

. . . . [Owe them plenty . . Visit; AutoBlogGreen.com = Just the Best!]
Last week at their annual shareholders meeting battery developer Altairnano Technologies showed off the SUV version of the Phoenix Motor Cars truck. The fully enclosed version of the vehicle was available for meeting attendees to drive and most came away fairly impressed. In the Reno Gazette-Journal article, Phoenix's Bryon Bliss acknowledges that the vehicle itself is made by an Korean company he won't name.

For the record the Phoenix SUV is a Ssangyong Actyon. Ssangyong has been best known in markets where they sell for what can charitably be described as quirky styling. Fortunately the Actyon is among the most normal looking of their lineup. As for the battery powered variants from Phoenix there is really nothing new to report.

As for Altairnano, one of the main stumbling blocks that is probably preventing big carmakers from adopting their batteries is the issue of producing the batteries in large quantities at an affordable price. General Motors in particular is trying to create a vehicle based on the Volt by 2010 at 100,000+ unit volumes for a price of around $30,000 or less. At this point, that may not be possible with the Altairnano battery.

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