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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pretty property and low price in Courtenay B.C.

  Posted by Picasa It occurred to me that While I am giving some casual help to a friend who is refurbishing a beautiful property in Courtenay here on Vancouver Island, to try and preserve the beautiful mature trees I should mention it in the hopes of saving the place and it*s beauty.

This location is only a block away from commercial zoned property where Dentist and Notary Public type offices are encouraged. I was hoping someone would buy it for residential use and thus save the beautiful park like setting.

This place is the prettiest of only three similar type lots along the whole length of Fitzgerald Avenue. A main cross town avenue with some traffic noise to be sure but the front trees on the large lot tend to reduce that noise.

The older house now being refurbished sits well back from the road and there is room for more building if the owner wishes.

This property is in the low 200k zone and seems like a great buy considering the near future. I would buy it if I could but have always been a renter and now retired, prefer renting.

Still, a friend lived there for years and it would be a shame if the beauty were cut down for a commercial venture.

The owner, Neil, said, *sure, mention the property on your website if you like*, TG

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cobalt22 Electric or CS* s Cobalt?

  Posted by Picasa One wonders if this is CS*s new Cobalt or a Cobalt22 Electric model. Nice looking lines in any case. TG

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Electric car? There must be a plot!

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2003 1:33 am ....[Long time ago]
By: CougTek of Montreal Quebec


The best idea I ever saw for powering a car was the electric motor-wheel developed by Hydro-Québec some 8 years ago. But something screwed up during the development and although it worked perfectly fine (only two wheels could pushed a big Chrysler Intrepid from 0-60mph in 8 sec, imagine four), they apparently dropped the project.

Many people are still revolted that Hydro-Québec decided to cancel the motor-wheel, since it was the only electric-based motorization that was powerful enough to bring decent performances for average-sized cars.

I'm pretty sure some big oil company put pressure on Hydro-Québec in a way or another, (wouldn't be surprised if it was Esso, bunch of bastards), to put the motor-wheel in the grave.

The principle of the motor-wheel was, at large, to make the wheel spinning by injecting an electrical current in coils placed inside the wheel. They were able to apply 3 times more pressure on the wheel with their prototype than a Ferrari of the mid nineties.

Hydro-Québec still owns the patent for a few years, but nothing good will come out of it. It would have been so great. I have no words to describe the idiocy of the manager who decided to cancel the project.

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2003 2:04 am
By: jtr1962 of Flushing New York

I'm guessing it was pressure from some oil company to drop the project since it would have greatly decreased demand for fossil fuels. The idiot that dropped it should be made to suck on an exhaust pipe until he croaks.

I too have often wondered why we don't just do away with the mechanical transmission in road vehicles and power cars via electric motors in the wheels powered by either a battery, an engine powered generator, or solar cells (or some combination of all three). The battery will provide stored power upon demand for quick bursts of acceleration, the gas engine power for steady cruising (and to recharge the battery), and solar panels will supplement the output of the gas engine.

I'd guess that you could run the car at moderate cruising speeds entirely on solar power on bright days, and at highway speeds you would still get perhaps a third of your power via the sun. Other times the engine will supply the power, but it can be a much smaller engine, and since it will run at it's most efficient RPM rather than constantly speeding up/slowing down, it will be smaller as well as run more efficiently.

100 mpg is not unrealistic from such a setup, and perhaps 150 to 200 mpg once ultra-efficient solar cells are available. Small wonder the oil companies likely killed it as it eventually would bring the demand for gas to 10 to 15% of what it is now.

Electric motors are the best way to power vehicles. Some commuter trains I used to take had a 250 HP electric motor on each axle(1000 HP per car). These were able to accelerate a train of cars of 61 tons (plus passenger load) each up to 80 mph from a dead stop in under a minute(0 to 60 took about 35 seconds).

Now imagine what 100 HP of electric motors on a 1 ton car can do. My best estimate is 0 to 60 mph in about 6 seconds. Electric motors can also be overloaded at twice or more of their rated capacity for a few minutes so you can easily cut that figure in half if you can hit the battery for the extra juice. I don't think you can do better than about 3 seconds due to the limits of tire-road adhesion. For the same reasons it is difficult to get a train up to 60 mph in much less than about 25 seconds, even if power is unlimited (which it never is).

These observations are 3 ½ years old….

Where is our electric car? TG

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Electric Car.... Conspiracy?

  Posted by Picasa Who is holding back my electric car? The electric car that I should be able to buy at reasonable cost is no challenge to produce with today*s technology.

The car has two banks of light weight battery on either side of the centered motor under the front hood.

The roof mounted high output solar panels charge the battery opposite the battery under drain.

There could be a small propane bottle fueled motor for emergency side of the road battery refresh, but efficiency advances would soon make that requirement obsolete.

I want to plug my car in at night and get clear of the noise, the poison stink, the volatility of gas, the cost of gas, the need to find a gas seller, muffler and exhaust problems, fuel mix problems, anti-freeze problems, radiator problems, water pump problems, air filter problems, oil filter problems, gasket leaks and faulty seals. Failing rubber hoses and clamps.

Crude oil is for making plastics and paints, not for burning. We are no longer cave dwellers.

Where is my modern trouble free electric car? Seniors who run about on their electric carts with that smug look have an unfair monopoly!

Even electric fork lift drivers have that, *I know something*, smug look. TG

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Laser toner $$ Savings

Laser Toner Running Low?

HP and Lexmark will hate me for telling you this. You can often get your laser printer back to printing BLACK again if you tap the cartridge from end to end with a heavy pen or small ruler.

Tapping frees a lot of toner stuck to the inside of the cartridge and so allows your printer to print many more good copies before exchanging for a new one.

Low overhead and living frugally keeps money in your wallet longer. Now where the heck can I get a good electric jeep. TG

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