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Monday, January 30, 2006

Renewl or Death for Liberal Party?

Renewal of the Liberal Party?
First, the question of facing the courts. A minimum of 10 $billion of our money has been syphoned off. Liberals should pay fair penalties for that.

Also add a one $billion penalty they should pay for renegging on Agusta-Westland and the EH-101 helicopter. Liberals mess, we taxpayers pay? Criminal negligence!

Starving health care and education to create a surplus does not imply the right to stuff your pockets with some of that budget surplus.

If our justice system were not stuffed with Liberal shills, I may have had hopes for fair justice. 34$million in debt and who knows how much in penalties and fines that may also become due. One has to wonder just how little or how much of our missing revenues may be recovered.

Another way to penalize and minimize the Librals is to throw support to the Greens.

20 seats for the Green party in the next election at Liberal and NDP expense would be very good for Canada.

Message to Liberals: You are infested with crooks. Those crooks must be seen to walk the plank, otherwise you can not expect to regain Canadian voter respect.

Liberal popularity is still spiraling downward and that will continue as the public learns of the full list of crimes.

List of 218 *Low Points*, Toronto Sun by Linda Williams
January 22nd

Different list of 200+

Canadians were aware of Adscam and a scam here and there. Wait for the backlash when they learn about the much wider scope of fraud these lists represent.

When the MSM*s fear Harper trick is better understood, there should be some backlash there also.

Rocky roads ahead for Liberals. TG

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Canada's shameful MSM Fraud

The dishonesty of our main stream media pushing the *Fear Harper* card.

What could be more one sided and dishonest than the constant drip - drip of *fear Harper propaganda* for more than a year without ever once printing out a summary list of the $billions of dollars of scams and frauds perpetrated by the Liberal Government?

Liberal scams were covered in the media in a scattered sense, but without a summary or even a partial list, the media prevents voting Canadians from ever having any concept of the scope of 200 plus scams beginning in 1993.

These two major media frauds on Canadians can explain why the Liberal party won a miraculous 104 seats when returns of 35 to 65 seats would have been more reasonable.

Lists of 200 and 219 news media documented Liberal scams have been posted on many sites in the blogosphere. It is a media disgrace that no such lists were ever commonly available to Canadians in newspapers.

Two such *amateur* lists can be seen at:

There are many more editorially correct lists on the net as well.

In full color NDP literature the cost of Liberal scams is conservatively pegged at ten [10] $billion dollars.

There has been no protest or threat of lawsuit by the Liberal Party at all.

Your own arithmetic will quickly take you well beyond ten billion dollars.

The marching in lockstep of the MSM in Canada must be changed for the benefit of Canadians. TG

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Calgary immigration frees Gun Runner. Why?

Robert thought connecting dots this way may have been a joke.

One could read the latest Jan 23rd Kevin Steele, *Married to the Mob* at Western Standard.ca
Andrew Coyne *How Scary*...*Frightster*...*This is scary*. also current Jan. 22nd.

These are respected thinkers.

Calgary: Immigration review board lets US citizen handgun smuggler with known arrest warrent go free into the streets of Calgary. WHY!


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Moving Scam fraud fund

These ongoing Liberal Party uses of public funds are the reasons that our list of 200 scams can by no means be complete. t/h Conservative Life

Government Contracts for "relocation services" from November 2002 until October 2005 total:

*Moving expenses or a slush fund for more undeserved perks for *Special Liberals?*

Note: It is likely that the vast majority of the money allocated for "relocation services" is used appropriately. Clearly, however, some of it is not and that appears to be a worrisome pattern with this Liberal government.

===================== some examples========

Disney World Resort, Lake Bueno Vista for $25,000 in Jan 2004

Marriott Resort and Spa, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu for $97,410.00

Laguna Brisas Resort and Spa, Laguna Beach California for $25,000 in Jan 2005

Le Meridien Resort/Spa, Cancun Mexico for $25,000 in 2004 and another $25,000 in 2005

Melia Santo Hotel and Casino, Santo Domingo for $25,000 in Jan 2005

UPDATE: It should be noted that the awarding of these Hilton
contracts was itself under controversy last year when Royal LePage was awarded the handling of relocation services...

Lucrative contract sparks charge of Liberal favouritism

And this is before anyone actually examined the contracts that were being awarded. Not only is the program used in a corrupt manner but the awarding of the lucrative contract to handle these contracts was itself mired in controversy...

The contract has been an embarrassing thorn in Ottawa's side for years -- ever since competing bidders complained that public servants handling the file were too cozy with Royal LePage executives.

You can see pictures of 10 posh resorts for the pleasure of Special Liberals at:

A partial list of Liberal Party of Canada scams:


This shows how any Liberal Party Scams list can never be *complete* even as scams are numbered beyond 200 or so.

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